Raven & Corey - A Real Summer Wedding at Lake Arrowhead Resort and Spa
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If there is one thing evident from Raven & Corey’s wedding, it’s that their love will only continue to thrive for years to come. The day began when Prince Weddings videographers Nathan & Elizabeth arrived at the stunningly beautiful Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa, that beautiful July day. Raven, Corey, and their many loved ones were full of excitement, ready for the day, all dressed up in reds, whites and blues. The air was thick with love, and made capturing their special moments so enjoyable. And in a blink of an eye, after some heartfelt, humorous vows were made, Raven & Corey were husband and wife. Guests had so much fun at their reception in the Arrowhead Resort’s gorgeous ballroom—it was difficult not to feel love. May their days be filled with much love!

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